The number of customers arrives service

I remind you that some people make a simple haircut and release the barber rapidly (the SE in our case), while others employ the much longer, requiring a number of additional services (shaving, bathing, etc.). We discussed queue system software with the teacher the impact queues customers. All of them are affected and calculate the lost time, the boredom they feel waiting, and feeling injustice if you do not respect the priority. That is why many service providers, when They can not reduce waiting times, trying to cope with boredomofbeautiful lounges, magazines and television. Another way is to try to convince the customer that, while waiting, has already started its service.

The main reason for generating queues 

Example restaurants. Thy give the queue system software list to choose up to prepare your table. And customers, however, react in the queue in various ways. For example, deceiving others (jockeying), in order to gain priority or refuse to chest the tail (balking) or leave the queue after a while (reneging). Fill in for provider that the change process and the acceptance of the policy, in which some services offered by the Self method is also another way of reaction enterprise to queuing problems.

But the important thing is to serve the customer and gone, without the bitter taste that waited too long and/ or that he had forgotten! Therefore, Lorenzo, for each service provider is a service cost, which increases as the level of queue system software service is improved because of most IN to be install and staffed. Simultaneously there is a waiting costs corresponding the cost of negative reaction of customers and expressed dissatisfaction with, recalcitrance, confrontation, withdrawal, perhaps with a total loss of the customer. The cost is reduced as service improves. Cost SE cost of Waiting CC number Cost Total cost Costs hardly measured but is very important. I remind you that what is measured is difficult not It means it is unimportant.

The fact that in queue system software

As in the corresponding diagram seen in stocks, so in this queue system software case there is an optimum level of service, which is again compromised between the two costs. The characteristics of a standby system Let's see now, John, the six characteristics that describe the standby systems as designed and formulated in the form, so that they can be represented a model template, and thus solved the 'appropriate' mathematics. The first feature (a), the statistical distribution of arrivals in S.E. We can identify by a sufficient number of queue system software measurements and recording the values of discrete variable of arrivals per unit time (for example arrivals the first hour, arrivals second, etc.). The sample should be representative of actual situation and certainly large enough queue management as mandated by the statistics.

Another way is to measure and record, on the same sample, the size of the period between successive arrivals, which is a continuous variable, again with some distribution, for example. minutes between the first and second arrival minutes between the second and third Others The average number of arrivals per unit time is represented internationally with l, so/ l is the average time between successive arrivals. We have for example an average, l= arrivals per minute in tolls or l=. minutes, inseconds average time between successive arrivals. We are also the types of statistics to calculate queue management and variability of the distribution of this sample measurements, but as we shall see we need not, at least in normal cases.